Dar Al Quran

Our Vision

Dar Al Quran aims to spread the holy Quran not just in the UK but globally. There is a huge demand for high quality Tajweed classes, both locally and internationally. Currently, we have around 30 teachers working with our centre, Dar Al Quran, whose main aim is to serve the needs of students irrespective of gender, status and ability. Eventually we would like to make Quran classes accessible to all free of charge.

Prayers – Dar Al Quran will offer 5 daily prayers and Salat ul Jumma for up to 150 people with an English Khutbah.

Education – In addition to Quran classes, the centre will also run classes to teach Arabic, Fiqh as well as English and Maths tuition for children.

Community Care The centre will act as a hub to help people who may be going through difficulties such as depression, marital difficulties, unemployment or just require some friendly advice and direction in life.

Our Goal

We need your support to raise £50,000 to cover the centre’s costs for the next two years. Currently we have over 250 students studying Quran with us. We hope to expand and teach up to 1,000 students by the end of 2014.

Our aim is to teach students who will:

  • Memorise and understand the Quran
  • Benefit others by becoming teachers of the Quran
  • Become role models and ambassadors of Islam
  • To excel in their worldly studies
  • Follow the Middle Path

Help us make this vision a reality!

Dar Al Quran is a new project which aims to teach the Holy Quran to Muslims all around the world with the correct Tajweed rules. In addition to the Quran classes the centre will also be providing Arabic and Fiqh classes, Insha’Allah. I hope Dar Al Quran will be successful and also that many Muslims will benefit from it.

Your generous donations will help us cover the costs of the rent, utilities, much needed refurbishment of the centre and an Imam.

With your kind support Dar Al Quran will become a full-time Madrasah for learning and memorising the Quran with Tajweed, as well as a community centre focused on uniting communities through the blessed Quran, Insha’Allah. See what else Dar Al Quran means for Muslims in London here.



Registered Charity No. 1147907



Registered Charity Number:1147907