Testimonials for Dar Al Quran

Establishing Dar Al Quran will help enable classes, dedicated to bring the students closer to Allah, to recite and comprehend His words to humanity.

I am looking forward to spending time at Dar Al Quran as it will keep me away from bad company and will give me more contentment than anything else in this world.

I have been learning Tajweed for a year and a half. I feel very fortunate to have not only benefited from the excellent teaching provided, but also feel blessed to have become part of such a supportive community which promises to enrich lives further with its dynamic plans to expand and develop. I hope to further my learning through Dar Al Quran through taking Quranic Arabic lessons and Insha’Allah increasing my knowledge and understanding of Islam.

Dar Al Quran is a new project which aims to teach the Holy Quran to Muslims all around the world with the correct Tajweed rules. In addition to the Quran classes, the centre will also be providing Arabic and Fiqh classes, Insha’Allah. I hope Dar Al Quran will be successful and also that many Muslims will benefit from it.

In a time where struggling families with financial and marital issues are growing, projects like Dar Al Quran are essential in our communities to help such people.
The blessed Quran will give hope and faith to those learning it and the tuition available for young children will be of great benefit to parents with the burden of work and child care.

I participate in the Tajweed classes for sisters; they are an excellent environment for leaning and growing your knowledge. The teachers are both knowledgeable and helpful. My tajweed reading has improved and I thoroughly enjoy attending the classes. I would recommend to anyone seeking a greater understanding of the Quran and Sunnah; to help and make Dar Al Quran a reality by supporting this noble cause.

I am in favour of setting up a Dar Al Quran as it will give the local Muslim community a chance to pray the daily and Jummah prayers with Khutbahs given in English. It will also unite the Muslim community and it will be a way of getting to know Muslims from different ethnic backgrounds. It will benefit me as I live locally; and it will give me and my family the opportunity to pray in congregation and meet the local Muslim community.

Dar Al Quran will, Insha’Allah, provide exceptional learning opportunities for all. It will personalise and accommodate individual learning development. You will learn from world class lecturers, about various aspects of the religion and simple steps and guidance as to how you can implement them within your daily routine. I urge everyone to participate in helping create Dar Al Quran.

Through the classes and services that Dar Al Quran will offer, I hope that it can encourage us to make the Quran the spring of our hearts and be at the forefront of reorienting us to what is truly important and truly good.

Dar Al Quran will be an exemplary learning facility for Islam. Teaching will be of an exceptional standard with the teachers having knowledge in Arabic and English. Gentleness and kindness will be imparted through teaching.

I deeply feel that Dar Al Quran would be an extremely beneficial centre in our community. It will be a place for us to learn the Quran and offer all 5 prayers. I love the aspect of our children being able to also learn. Another reason is that there are not many places available to help Muslims deal with general life dilemmas. Dar Al Quran will serve as an advice hub, which is much needed in the community, by all age groups.

I personally think Dar Al Quran is a brilliant idea. Not only is it good for people but for the community as a whole. The idea that there will be a Khutbah in English is a breath of fresh air, because this will cater for the wider audience who are not native Arabic or Urdu speakers. This will be a good social network centre and I very much welcome it.

I have been a Muslim revert for 7 months now, Alhamdulillaah. When I had newly reverted to Islam, I had (and still do have) a thirst to learn about the Deen. Dar Al Quran would be a perfect solution to quench this thirst. Insha’Allah Dar Al Quran will be a centre of excellence, spreading light into the lives of reverts and other Muslims who want to acquire a greater understanding of their religion.

I would highly recommend everyone to play an active role into helping Dar Al Quran financially. It will not just be a fountain of knowledge for North West London, but an ocean of knowledge for the entire world, Insha’Allah.

Registered Charity Number:1147907