IGR supports the poor and needy in Pakistan. This Ramandan, IGR will deliver food parcels to remote areas in Pakistan. The funds raised from Ramadan last year have help Orphans living in temporary camps and shelters. Here are some of the pictures of the beneficiaries.

Ihsan Global relief will be distributing food parcels in remote areas of Pakistan this Ramadan. Please donate £20 towards a food parcel which will consist of:

10kg flour
2kg oil
2kg sugar
1kg lentils
400g tea
Chilli powder

We are also purchasing an ambulance for Pakistan to transport the sick and elderly and those involved in accidents to hospitals. Your support is vital for this project which is costing us around £8,000. The area the ambulance will be operating in is very remote and many people lose their lives as they are unable to get treatment on time.

Your generous donations have helped many families in need. Please continue to support them by donating to IGR.

I would like to donate to Ihsan Global Relief to help the poor and needy in Pakistan.

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Registered Charity Number:1147907